Why fly with us

Why the Naperville Flying Club?

The NFC operates a diverse fleet of 4 aircraft ranging from a Cessna Skyhawk to a 6 seat Saratoga.  Our diverse fleet has training aircraft as well as high performance cross-country airplanes.

We operate out of LL10 which is a privately owned airfield with a 2,550' asphalt runway and a 1,600' grass runway.  The airport boasts a small community feel with larger airport benefits such as fuel, a VASI system, hangars, flight planning lounge and clubhouse with restrooms and a GPS approach available only to members.

The club has a mix of both experienced and new pilots who ultimately have at least one thing in common: a joy and appreciation for aviation. Regardless of your experience level, the club can provide you with a chance to learn from others as well as a group of individuals to share your experiences with.

We are the only club, within the greater Chicagoland area, with a 6 seat aircraft and no daily rental rate.  We perform owner-assisted maintenance which drives our low hourly tach rates and keeps our aircraft in top shape.

Because we are an equity club, you are fully insured as a member of the NFC.

All of our aircraft have GPS units for navigation; and equipped with ADS-B avionics (Out and In). Most of our aircraft show ADS-B weather and traffic on the integrated displays of the GPS units. However one of our aircraft, instead, incorporates a transponder with an integrated Stratus 2i that will show ADS-B weather and traffic on your own iPad while it runs a compatible EFB (like ForeFlight). You can have a look at our fleet.

The Structure

The Naperville Flying Club differentiates itself from many area clubs by being an equity based club.  We have a maximum of 50 memberships. This means that each member owns 1/50th of each asset.  The equity membership allows a member to participate in voting and to hold offices on the board.  A member may sell their share at any time but is responsible for their dues until that share is sold.  Fixed costs associated with the aircraft (hangar, insurance) are covered by monthly dues. Operating costs are covered by an hourly rate for each aircraft when flown by a member.

Equity buy in price: $4,300 (Financing options available).

Monthly dues: $164 (Covers insurance, hangar/tie down, a fleet improvement loan and capital improvement costs).

How to join

Fill out membership application form here.

Join us at our monthly club meeting on the first Thursday of every month. Each meeting location will be posted.

After joining, you will be checked out in the aircraft by one of our club instructors.  If you are a student pilot, you may use a club instructor or bring in your own instructor (See FAQ regarding outside instructors)