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"Over the years my love of flying has allowed me to meet many interesting people and experience flights in various modern and vintage aircraft - the most unique/memorable being a P-38, P-47 & T-33. The point being, in addition to the sheer joy of flying a basic GA aircraft, an interest in aviation can lead to some pretty great/fun experiences."

"Due to my club membership , I now fly jets as a hobby . That wouldn't have happened without NFC."

"I've always loved the 100$ hamburger. To be able to share a meal with someone else who has never been in an airplane (let alone a small GA one) is an experience that gives me great satisfaction."

Why pay money to just rent an aircraft when you can become part owner and enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the downside risks? You fly more economically, especially on cross-country trips. No daily rates to pay while you are at your destination, just flying time. There is no better way to fly in, around and out of the Chicago area - the NAPERVILLE FLYING CLUB. Send us an e-mail or give us a call today to learn more about our opportunities.


We have five aircraft. All of our aircraft are IFR certified and have intercoms. Our hourly wet rates are based on tach time and the price of fuel at Naper Aero. The current price of fuel at Naper Aero is $5.16/gal.

bulletN9636V 1975 C-172 Skyhawk $85/hr

bulletN3008U 1979 PA28 Archer $98/hr

bulletN9348Y 1961 BE33B Debonair $129/hr

bulletN114EL 1981 PA32-301 Saratoga $156/hr

Club Structure

Each of the 50 equity members own an equal equity share in the club's aircraft. Currently, each share is valued at $4,300. Providing the member meets the qualifications required, he or she may fly any of the club's aircraft. All of your equity is returned to you if you resign from the Naperville Flying Club (NFC) and your share is sold to a new member.

In addition to the share, members are required to pay monthly dues of $164 per month. These dues cover the fixed costs associated with the club and the aircraft.


We have equity (permanent) memberships and associate memberships. Equity members buy one of 50 shares in the club from an existing member to hold voting and flying privileges. Equity members can also put their flying privileges up temporarily as associate memberships. Associate members agree to take over those flying privileges for a period of 12 months at a time and pre-pay the dues for that membership on a quarterly basis. There are a number of vacancies currently, so it is possible to join right away without being on a waiting list. We currently have pilots (and a few students) from all different walks of life and aviation backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being an open and friendly club which welcomes all pilots (and potential pilots) to the table.

Flight Instruction

Student pilots (and any other pilots) are welcome here. Our fleet gives members the opportunity to continue learning and pursuing new ratings, whether they be initial or advanced certifications. Many NFC members pursue advance ratings, such as instrument, commercial, and flight instructor while other members have become pilots since joining. Several of the NFC members are instructors and can prepare you for a variety of ratings at a generally lower rate than some of the nearby FBO's and clubs. All NFC instructors teach on a part time basis and make themselves available as their personal schedule permits. Non-NFC instructors may be used upon approval of the NFC Board of Directors, and we maintain a list of instructors who have been previously approved.

Club Meetings

NFC encourages participation in aviation and NFC related activities. The NFC meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm. We typically meet at the Naperville Municipal Center in downtown Naperville, 400 South Eagle Street, unless otherwise noted in the monthly minutes. We are in the lunch room which is located on the ground floor. Park on the upper deck of the parking lot, enter on the first floor, and take the stairs down one level. See monthly meeting map.


Each Tuesday night (~ 6:00 pm) is maintenance night at Naper Aero. NFC members perform routine maintenance on the aircraft to better understand the aircraft systems and to keep the costs of flying affordable. Members are highly encouraged to participate in the maintenance of the aircraft. Under the direction of certified A&P mechanics, you are able to increase your knowledge of the aircraft you fly, while helping to keep the costs down. See airport location map

Club Rules

In addition to the Federal Aviation Regulations, the NFC has the following requirements in the interest of safety

  1. NFC requires an annual check-ride with an NFC instructor to fly any NFC aircraft
  2. Primary instruction is limited to the two Cessnas. Advanced instruction may be done in any of the NFC planes.
  3. For all planes, you must fly each make and model at least 1 hour in a 180 day period to maintain currency.
  4. To fly the Debonair, 150 hours of total pilot in command flight time and
    1. 50 hours of Pilot in Command time in Single Engine Land
    2. 10 hours of dual instruction in the club's Debonair with at least 15 take offs and landings.
    3. A checkout with a club instructor in the club's Debonair
  5. To fly the Saratoga, 150 hours of total pilot in command flight time and 10 hours in a Piper Saratoga with a checkout from a club instructor.

Contact Information

Membership - Sebastian Seith

Cell: 630-244-3508

E-mail: saseith@gmail.com

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